Another Walk

There has been incredible weather in Paris the last few days. It was so warm that I ended up carrying my coat and walking in the shade. I’m thinking this summer is going to be a very warm one. Since it was so pretty, I did so more wandering, this time I stayed in the 9th arrondissement.

I wouldn’t mind living on this street. It’s private and gated though so I had to gaze through the fence.

Pretty rod iron on a door.

Don’t these windows look real? They aren’t-they are just painted to look that way.

I’m so glad my camera was ready to go when I saw this jaunty guy walking down the street with his guitar.

8 thoughts to “Another Walk”

  1. Aaah! I love walking through Paris with you. You always find the best pictures. Even if I didn’t make it over this spring, I would have felt like I’d been there through your pictures.

  2. I love that street too!
    May I ask – if you live in a “gated” area – does it cost more in taxes to the council and do you have a guard or is there a special key you have to have to get in??
    I wonder how long this street has been able to be “gated” too….

    Glad you are getting some warm weather!

  3. I just love the way you capture everyday scenes around you and share Paris with us! I always smile when I read your words and view your photos. I am so glad you have this home on the blog so I can visit!

  4. These pictures certainly make me want to be there, strolling through Paris with you. Alas! You’ll have to enjoy it for both of us. Keep those photos coming!

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