An Extraordinary Museum

I saw a photo somewhere-I can’t remember where-of the museum of Gustave Moreau and decided I needed to visit it. I’m not a fan of his work although I have to admit I don’t know it well and I think I read in the book The Flanneur-a book which, by the way, has a lot of information about Paris as it once was and still is-about wild parties that Moreau used to throw with drugs handed out as you entered. Anyway, before he died, Moreau had his house made into a museum although he continued to live on one floor and all of his many paintings and drawings are now there.

I saw a photo of this stunning staircase. Isn’t it great? I wish I could have asked the museum attendant to move but oh well.

Looking down the middle of the stairs for a snail like view.

A view of some paintings at one end of a large room in the museum.

The view from the top of those stairs.

A closeup of one of his paintings which you can see ink drawings on top of the paint. A lot of his work reminded me of Chagall with the colors. Moreau actually taught Matisse too. He was a symbolist which is sort of a precursor of modern art I believe.

7 thoughts to “An Extraordinary Museum”

  1. Wow! That’s some staircase! I like the salmon-color walls too: they make a great background for the paintings. Thanks for taking us to this museum.

  2. The French are masters of the spiral staircase. We saw so many while we were there. I suppose they are both beautiful and space-saving, which is the attraction?? This one is particularly gorgeous, though.

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