At Home in a Museum

I like looking at rooms either left or set up as the person once lived in them. Moreau’s rooms can be seen at the Gustave Moreau Museum. He lived in the building on the second floor after the museum was finished for two years before his death.

His bedroom. Quite a few paintings on the walls. Many paintings everywhere actually.

Chess anyone?

I see these glass dome for sale often at brochant sales. Usually there are saints inside them. This is the first time I’ve seen a clock under one.

His office. There was a very small dining room too with a table that sat maybe six people. I didn’t see a kitchen. I imagine it was in the basement somewhere.

4 thoughts to “At Home in a Museum”

  1. I like to imagine what it would have been like to live there. It’s bizarre to think about that when you visit a stately home in the UK or Versailles……

  2. Interesting to see the tiny, angled bed. I did a post recently mentioning the inclined beds of yore. They’re making a comeback!

  3. My in-laws have a clock in one of those glass boxes on their fireplace mantle. You’re probably right about the kitchen and he probably had a cook. I wouldv’e loved to see the kitchen.

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