Favorite French Recipes

I was looking for a nice dessert to serve some friends after dinner. One of the friends is a real gourmet cook always whipping up fabulous meals from whatever she has on hand, and I had three Frenchmen to please, so I wanted something special , not just my usual easy desserts. I found it on the blog called
A Foodie Froggy in Paris
She has some really good recipes, some too complex for my simple way of cooking, but all delicious looking. The dessert tasted like it took me hours but it was very easy. I can’t tell you how fabulous this was. Every one was moaning with pleasure as they ate it. It turned out to be the highlight of the dinner.

Praliné glacé, Sauce Caramel au Beurre Salé or
Frozen Praliné Parfait, Salted butter Caramel Sauce
To be made a day ahead
For a 9x5x3-inch loaf pan, or a 6-medium muffin mold 7” x 11-3/4”, or a 10 cannelé mold (Sheet 11-7/8″L x 6-7/8″W; Molds 2″Diam x 2″H)

Praline parfait
4 egg yolks
30g brown sugar, packed
100g ready made praline powder (you can make your own by combining 1/2 cup blanched whole almonds with 1/2 cup melted sugar, letting it harden and then putting in a blender but I don’t have a blender here. I found the praline powder near the nuts in a grocery store.)
25cl heavy whipping cream

Start by chilling a clean stainless steel bowl, a whisk, and the cream in the freezer for 15 minutes (but don’t freeze the cream).
Make frozen praliné parfait : remove bowl, whisk and cream from the freezer. Pour chilled cream into the bowl, and whisk using an electric mixer.Beat slowly at first then faster until stiff. Beat longer until cream holds peaks.
In another bowl, assemble egg yolks and brown sugar. Beat well. Add praline powder and mix well. Stir in whipped cream, little by little, lifting carefully the mixture with a spatula. Pour the mixture into the pan of your choice (loaf cake, muffin or cannelé). If you choose the loaf pan, line it with plastic wrap, leaving generous overhang then fold film over top of mixture.
Freeze overnight.
The day after, remove from the freezer, dip bottom of loaf pan into warm water or into cold water for the other pans.

Salted Caramel butter sauce2.5 oz granulated sugar
2 oz salted butter, diced
2/3 cup liquid whipping cream, heated (30 seconds in microwave, medium power)
Some coarse salt (optional)

To make the caramel sauce : in a heavy-bottom skillet or sauce pan over medium heat, melt sugar until goden brown. Do not mix the sugar, just shake the skillet by the handle. Watch it carefully so you don’t overcook or burn it.
Add the salted butter, mix, then the heated whipping cream. Mix well and reserve at room temperature. If you happen to have small caramel bits, drain the sauce through a sieve. This can be made hours ahead of time-it doesn’t hurt it to sit.

To serve, cut slices of frozen parfait (for the loaf version) and arrange nicely in each plate (2 slices per person). For the other pans, arrange the unmold individual parfaits. For all versions, pour some salted caramel sauce on top. Serves 8 people, or 6 if they really like it.

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  1. Wow! This sounds fabulous. Can the caramel butter sauce be made earlier in the day of the party or does it have to be done at the last minute? Is this a recipe for 4 servings?

  2. Well done Linda, I am sure it would take me ages to prepare.. I never have dinner parties. I wouldn’t know where to start.

  3. Hi Linda !
    I am so glad the dessert was a hit ! I love it when my readers make my recipes and are happy about them ! I mean, this is precilely why I have a foodblog.
    Thanks !

  4. Way to go, Linda! This looks so yummy. I gave up all desserts for Lent and I think I will dive into this on Easter. Thanks!!

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