Fancy Coffee

For Christmas two years ago I bought a Nespresso machine for Maurice, one of those that you put a little container of coffee into the machine and get those tiny cups of espresso type coffee. I don’t drink coffee but it’s nice to have on hand for company after dinner and Maurice occasionally makes himself a cup of Nespresso. I didn’t know when I bought the machine that the only place you can get replacements of the little coffee capsules was at the Nespresso stores themselves. (I bought the machine at a department store). So we were just about out of coffee and I headed to Rue Scribe right across from the Garnier Opera House and braved the crowds to replensih our supplies.

The front door.

The inside of this very elegant store. The sales people were all dressed up standing behind counters selling the coffee. The place was packed with customers waiting in line at one of four counters with three sales persons at each one. I didn’t, however, see George Clooney.

A reflection of the opera house in a window nearby.

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  1. Also a store on the Champs Elysees between Etoile and Georges V.

    Georges (MY Georges, not V) and I were just discussing whether or not to get a Nespresso or Tassimo machine. Both of our sister’s have the Tassimo and it seems to make a good cup of coffee. And with the Tassimos you can buy the refills in the normal supermarket at least (I wasn’t aware you can only buy Nespresso at their stores, so thanks for that warning!) But you get locked into paying more for the convenience of those little pods of coffee. We also debated getting a real espresso machine; right now we have a Mr-Coffee-type machine but it’s in very bad shape and we plan to replace it when we move. In the end, he decided for his morning bowl of coffee (he is a dunker so it MUST be in a bowl, not a cup or a mug) he likes the American-style machine. And we have a coffee press now, for when we want something stronger or if we have guests who prefer the dainty espresso cups.

    Just like there are too many options for cheese in this country, there are too many choices for a good cup of coffee!

  2. Lisa – what a dilemma to have! I was out for dinner last night with a friend and as we were carefully trying to decide where we could find a restaurant that served good food, good coffee and had a nice ambience, she said “in Paris almost every place you go would fit that bill”. Alas, its sort of the opposite in Ottawa

  3. Talk about an upscale shop! And for coffee too. Being just about addicted to coffee I can say that from the looks of this store I would be in heaven if I ever visited!

  4. I love a great cup of coffee….would die for a place like the store you show!

    Happy Easter, Linda and Maurice!

  5. And what is nespresso without George Clooney! I love my Illy machine, no garbage and easy to find in every grocery store. Delicious too!

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