Local Hangout

A short walk from our apartment is a little bar/cafe called Chez Gudule. It’s a funky place and Maurice and I like to take visitors there for a drink instead of the more elegant Cafe Comfort. I’ve always liked this place and remember one time when I sat out on the sidewalk having a Diet Coke cooling down after being out and about when the sky turned dark, dark gray and a thunderstorm arrived with its heavy rain and wind and I was forced inside. It was nice to sit inside and watch the storm outside waiting for it to clear before I headed home. A friend told me that I probably liked this place so much because it reminded me of Austin, a city in Texas known for funky places and its hippy inhabitants with the slogan often seen which said, “Keep Austin Wierd”.

Our drinks. I had a margarita that wasn’t very good as it was too sour for me. I guess I am used to the sweeter variety found in Texas.

Bicycles hanging from the ceiling above the bar.

Isn’t this fun with a table and chairs on the ceiling? On the back wall you might be able to see a portion of a toilet which has a sign on it directing you to the toilets downstairs. They tried to gussy up this place once. We stopped in for drinks and were told we had to have them outside as they were set up for dinner and sure enough there were pink table cloths and candles on the table. It didn’t last long though. I haven’t seen that set up since.

8 thoughts to “Local Hangout”

  1. Hi, Is this place near ave Daumesnil (sp)? I think I ate lunch there years ago. I stayed at hotel Porte de la Dorée in the 12 arr. Christine, the owner, told me to go there.

  2. Looks quirky – reminds me of Alice in Wonderland with the upside down things!

    I’m not a Margarita fan but will join you there for a nice glass of red!!!!

  3. A margarita during daylight hours… now that’s livin! Looks like a great place. One to seek out next time I’m in Paris.

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