Across the River

Across the Seine River is the Latin Quarter which has several interesting neighborhoods. An unexpected find is the small St Julien le Pauvre Church and I remember how surprised I was when I first found it. It’s an ancient place, once a Catholic Church, it is now home to a Greek one and one of the oldest churches in Paris. Rue St Jacques runs close by and this once once a starting place for a Roman road leading to Spain.

Right next to the church is this building.

This little statue is on that building looking like a model for the hunchback of Notre Dame to me.

This image is found inside the church looking very Greek Orthodox.

The carvings on top of a column. The figures are called “harpies” which are a type of bird-woman found in Greek mythology. I wonder why they were put in a church?

A close-up. Intriguing what you can find in old churches sometimes.

5 thoughts to “Across the River”

  1. Great details, as usual. I guess, according to Dan Brown, we’ll find lots of mythological symbols in Christian churchs. My kids will be thrilled. They love harpies.

  2. I wonder if that is the orign of the name you call a”loose and common ” women – example – “that woman is an old Harpie” Could be???

  3. Gorgeous details – you have the most amazing eye for unique photographs!

    Cheers and happy wandering in the Latin Quarter 🙂

  4. I have been stalking for about 3 years.. Lovely to see how the blog has developed and your French photos make me remember my visits there…

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