Mexican Food

Mexican food can be a hit or miss affair in Paris and I usually save that particular craving, along with barbeque, for when I’m back in Texas but I have found a fun place where I love the decor and the chicken nachos aren’t half bad called el Sol et la Lune (31 rue St Jacques). When I’m in the area I often stop here for a quick lunch and a margarita. I’m not sure if tourists would search this place out usually being there for the French food experience, but it’s fun and funky with Mexican music being played overhead and a nice lady who runs the place. The food is also South American, something I haven’t tried.

Some photos of the interior. Love the chandelier.

7 thoughts to “Mexican Food”

  1. Hi Linda… I would love to try this little place. I like to try different varieties when on holiday, not just French restaurants, more as a local not a tourist.

  2. You’re right. I’m probably not going to search for a Mexican place while in Paris, but I can imagine that living in France can make you long for some Mexican food or Chinese food, or all those places that we frequent over here in the U.S. During a three week visit to France with the kids, we did eat Chinese once. I guess if you know you have a longer amount of time to stay you might start making choices other than French food.

  3. I see you have a fondness for eateries with odd things hanging from the ceiling! And I agree with Paulita. We ate local, but we also had Japanese and we were only there a week.

  4. Love the chandelier! I think I’d perish without Mexican food at least once a week. Glad you’ve found a place in Paris-“pretty good chicken nachos” are better than no nachos at all!

  5. This place looks good! Yummmmm — I love Mexican food and would take your guidance as a real-life TEXAN over many others … have noted this for our next trip!


  6. I love this place and eat there often – they do a great lunch special for 10€ (entree+plat+café or plat+dessert+café).

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