Au Vieux Paris

There is a darling restaurant not far from Notre Dame that always has wonderful decorations outside and the interior is fabulous. I ate there twice, once was great, once just okay. I know people who rave about the food though. The owner is very friendly, very welcoming to all and calls his wife the Wild Woman. I’m thinking I should go again and give it another try. It’s been in operation since the 1600’s and has a very interesting interior. I saw the exterior the other day announcing spring and had to take a few photos.

Look–they rolled out grass on the sidewalk!

Another view.

The menu outside.

I like the room upstairs the best, I think, but this is a room to the side of the main entrance which is rather elegant.

And get a look at that ceiling.

11 thoughts to “Au Vieux Paris”

  1. That restaurant is quintessential Paris for me, particularly outside. If it also had a zinc bar inside, then it would be absolutely perfect!

  2. Great pictures, thanks. Love the draped covers tied over the bentwood chairs. And the red ceiling–oh, la la!

  3. These are perfect for the ruby photo shot days that lots of bloggers enter. I love the ceiling and the chairs with the red tie backs.

    Grass on the sidewalk is quite a statement and VERY clever.


  4. Stunningly gorgeous…….and the lawn is a wonderful touch giving ‘sidewalk cafe’ a whole new dimension. Love it all!

  5. All of it is gorgeous! I love the way the outside is done, and I always like to look just in case I can do something similar at home. Well, at least I can dream Europe even though its the south!

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