Scenes From A Museum

I was in the Louvre Museum a few weeks ago and here are a few photos I took there. I was showing someone the top three things seen there-you know, what everyone wants to see.

Winged Victory

Venus de Milo

And, of course, Mona Lisa. That’s her way in the background. There’s almost always a huge crowd trying to get a look at the painting. I’ve been there a few times, very soon after opening, when I was alone but that’s rare.

In the wing holding French paintings is this painting of Josephine, Napoleon’s wife -his first one anyway. I read that this was her favorite painting of herself.

There are two sculptures by Michelangelo. It’s amazing to me that two unparalled artists-Michelangelo and diVinci-both lived and created at the same time and in the same country. What are the chances?

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8 thoughts to “Scenes From A Museum”

  1. I’m always struck by how intense the colors are in the old paintings. It’s almost like artists can’t make that color any more. Or maybe they used it sparingly so it had more impact. I love the red in the Josephine painting.

  2. One time while visiting the Mona Lisa ,there was the usual crush of people and in the front was a person in a wheelchair! For the life of me I do not know how she got in there for I could only get as close as waaay up the back! LOL
    Sadly you cannot really stand and look at her these days and I note that people just push up and take a photo then go! Huh?
    Love where the Winged Victory is placed in the Lourve! Makes it even more dramatic ontop of those stairs!!!

  3. I was so disappointed at the Mona Lisa. Everyone pushing and shoving and then popping a photo and leaving. If you wanted to actually LOOK at her, you got dirty looks for holding people up. Sigh. Guess I’ll have to move to Paris so I can go in the early morning.

  4. We were prevented from taking photos of Mona Lisa when there in 2007 with Jasmin……have they changed the rules? I was able to view her far better years ago (1960’s) when she was on loan in Washington, D.C. I lived near the museum and managed to visit early on a weekday before the crowds descended!!

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