Poetry in Stone

You probably think I am in Paris if you go by my recent postings but in fact I have been in Provence since April 1st, celebrating Easter with my son and his family. While they were here we made a visit to the famous Pont du Gard, an aquaduct built by the Romans during their occupation of Provence to carry water. It is always breath-taking and probably the crown of all that is left by the Romans.

A closeup. No motar used. Somehow they cut and fitted all of these stones without it, stones that are each about the size of a car. Amazing.

An even closer shot.

I usually take photos from the other side of the river but we walked on the other side and I got a few different shots. It’s such a trip to think of Romans once living and building here in Provence. They were planning to stay for a long time.

They have two trees there, a gift from Spain, that are 1000 years old or so.

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13 thoughts to “Poetry in Stone”

  1. It is in such wonderful condition for its age when you think of it and same goes for those trees from Spain!!! Olive Trees??
    The ground looks very dry , are they having low rainfall in Provence?
    As you know, I am obsessed about dry soil and no rain! šŸ™‚

  2. We also visited here with granddaughter Jasmin (she’s a fortunate child to have seen so many awesome places – kids need to travel, it the best education!) a few years back. It was so hot that Summer and we almost melted in the heat. My sister-in-law told us she actually walked across the very narrow top level when she was in her teens – guess the insurance rates stopped that when thousands of tourists arrived!!!!!

    It’s an awesome place though and I often read the book I purchased at the gift shop – history of place never becomes dull.

    Thanks for sharing these lovely pics Linda – hope Provence is warm and sunny this weekend to grow the lavender, love it and can almost smell it from here!!!

  3. This is definitely one of the best kept Roman vestiges. There’s another one near Ventabren, not nearly as spectacular…but there is a very good restaurant there šŸ™‚

  4. I think I have a picture of that same olive tree. There is another one not far from the entrence that the kids love climbing on.

    Lady Jickey: While I think we’ve had lots of rain this spring, my husband just commented yesterday that it is already very dry here.

  5. When my husband and I went on a bike trip in Provence we rode across this aquaduct. I am amazed over and over again by the number of Roman artifacts that remain in Provence.

  6. I love bridges, and these are amazing – on the other spectrum, have you been over the Millau Viaduct? That’s one I must see in my lifetime!

  7. When in Europe you see so many things that the Romans built that are still standing and/or in use that you become accustomed to such things. These are beautiful – and a great way to remind of us how rich and great history is!

  8. Brings back happy memories! It’s a magnificent structure. The museum there is quite fascinating as well. (And I love that tree -what a survivor.)

  9. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and really enjoy your photographs. I find places that I want to visit on my next trip to France. I especially like the shots of the store windows. Please keep up the work.

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