Arles Visit

A trip to visit the Pont du Gard isn’t complete without stopping in nearby Arles. It’s a lovely city which was once sat on the sea but over the centuries lost that as their port filled up with silt from the Rhone River. The Romans made this their Provence capitol and it’s too bad more doesn’t remain from their time here but what there is is great.

It’s best known for the colleseum there. Bullfights are still held here, both Spanish and Provencal.

Some more ruins.

Two of my grandsons explored the colleseum and bought medallions sold there.

The area around Arles is known for its white horses and black cattle and all sorts of art related to both were sold in town.

During festivals there are wonderful costumes worn, especially the women, with long dresses, shawls and interesting head wear. These wall hangings give you an idea of what they look like. I went to the festival once and it was fabulous.

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5 thoughts to “Arles Visit”

  1. I bet those grandsons loved exploring the arena. Kids can practically put themselves into history when it’s exciting like that. I didn’t know Arles used to be on the coast. Strange

  2. We LOVED Arles and went there especially for granddaughter Jasmin and her love for Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings! She and I toured his room, Bob waited below as he thought the entry fee was a rip-off!! It looks exactly like his painting of same, and of course we swooned over everything. Arles is a fabulous city – we wished we had made it our base rather than Nimes – there was so much to see. Didn’t go back during the trip when we met up with you as we tried to visit other places, however if/when I return I will definitely veer off the road, past the fields of sunflowers, and go back to explore that vibrant, colorful city again!

    Can see your cutie pies were having fun too!

  3. I have some magical memories of DD and I having dinner one hot summer evening on the terrace of a restaurant just outside the ancient Roman coliseum. She was only 15 and she was absolutely enthralled to be in France, in Provence, in Arles, having dinner next to an antiquity like that (and to tell the truth, so was I!).

  4. The boys look like they are loving it. Lucky then and luck you. How fortunate to have Grandma there to take on these wonderful explorations. Great photos, Linda.

  5. Forgive my ignorance, but what is a Provencal bulfight? I’ve of course heard of Spanish (& Mexican) bullfights, & also Portuguese bullfights, where they fight the bull on horseback. How is it done in Provence? How wonderful they can still do such things in places with such incredible history. If the walls could talk…..

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