Does anything look more beautiful and smell more fragrant at the same time as wysteria? I know there are roses, jasmine, honeysuckle and lavender but I think wysteria has more wow power-maybe because they last such a short time at the beginning of spring, just a brief couple of weeks, and because they can be so difficult to grow-it can be years before you see any blossoms. I know someone who had one for over twenty years and it only bloomed one time. In any case, I’m seeing them all over Provence right now, just breathtaking in their beauty.

This huge wysteria is in the center of a village called Pepin d’Aigues.

A closer view where you can see the fountain which sits underneath.

This one is in la Tour d’Aigues, running for feet along a rod iron fence.

Doesn’t it look gorgeous against that blue sky? I planted a wysteria last year and it didn’t do much of anything. I was told to cut it back, which I did, and I can see some buds so its getting ready to grow.

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  1. I love wisteria too and the fragrance, I agree, is better than nearly any. It seems like such a memory-evoking smell. I never smell it and think, “oh, that’s wisteria,” but I think, “Oh, remember when I smelled that while walking in the sunshine past the train station…”

  2. How lovely! Hope that your wisteria does as well and leaves a beautiful legacy for folks to enjoy far into the future. That little square in Pepin d’Aigues makes me nostalgic for Provence. I remember it in autumn.

  3. We just planted one this summer in our courtyard.
    You can get them grafted and that is the way to go for Wisteria grown by seed or cutting can take AGES to flower , if at all. They do need sun to bud up and they do need a prune after flowering.
    I do love the purple ones but those very long Japanese white ones , put in the correct place so you can see and enjoy the very long trailing flowers are something else too . Our place in the courtyard is not high enough for that white so we bought the old wisteria sinensis – its the toughest and you know I am in Australia so it has to cope with our heat and lack of water. They are darn tough.
    When I think of wisteria I think of the ones in Monets garden. Delightful like your photos too!!!

  4. Nothing says Europe in springtime to me more that beautiful Wisteria. Thank you so much for sharing. I will be there tomorrow and hope to see them for myself.

  5. I couldn’t agree more! Those wisteria you have photographed are gorgeous…so beautiful! I hope someday my own little vine will blossom fully like that. Each year there are a few more blooms.

  6. STOP !!! Or I jump in the next train to Aix.
    I love wysterias. It is one of my 3 favorites (with sunflowers and daisies – in bushes, not vases).

  7. You can see how old the first one is by the enormous size of its trunk! I have both the purple and white, and love to sit in spring, under the vine growing over a pergola here on a vineyard in Australia.

  8. I’ve never seen wysteria in real life, I don’t think. It doesn’t grow up here as far as I know. How lovely. I imagine it smelling like lilacs. What does it smell like?

  9. My Mom loved a good laugh and when her neighbor bemoaned that her wisteria never had bloomed, Mom went into action. She went to the artifical flower shop and bought lots of wisteria blossoms. After dark, she tied them all over the neighbor’s vine, who came out in the morning and was thrilled to see the miracle of the vine in full flower! Everyone had a good laugh.

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