I’m writing this before something happens (the beginning of March). I won’t post it until it does. I’m hoping to send out some positive vibes out into the universe to bring about something that we want.
Let me start at the beginning. When I married Maurice he already had an apartment that he bought before we got together. I liked the apartment but was immediately struck by what I thought was wasted space in a long hall with rooms on either side.

The kitchen was really small and there were three small room with doors along the hall. Eventually we knocked out one wall to make a kitchen that opened into the living room. A couple of years later we knocked out one more wall to enlarge the size of the living room leaving us with one bedroom. If only we hadn’t done that.
To continue–I always hated the fact that we didn’t have an elevator to get up to our third floor apartment (fourth if your an American) especially when lugging up suitcases after a trip or heavy groceries. We tried to talk other apartment owners into putting in an elevator but didn’t succeed.

I looked at a couple of apartments for sale in our area but not very seriously. I half kiddingly asked an American friend who lives not too far from us if her apartment was for sale. She assured me that it would never be because she was sure her children would want it. Then, a year or so later when we had decided to just stay where we were, she called and said her children didn’t want the apartment because they didn’t want to pay the inheritance taxes, not to mention the monthly costs of keeping a place that is only used once or twice a year. So Maurice and I decided to put our apartment up for sale, sure it would go quickly. Then the bottom dropped out of the economy in the States and Europe. I think only one or two people looked at our apartment so we gave up and waited until the next year-this winter-to put it up for sale again using both a real estate agent and an ad in a sell it yourself type magazine/website. The economy was better and we had many lookers. We had someone give us a low bid which we turned down and we had one lady very interested but after looking at our place three different times, she decided against it.
What was wrong with our place? My guess: no elevator and only one bedroom. I think we could have sold it a dozen times if we hadn’t removed that last wall. Sigh.

One lady came to the door huffing and puffing and said, “There’s no elevator?” Our ad said that. Many people came and said, “Only one bedroom?” That’s is in the ad too. They didn’t like the courtyard, they didn’t like the cave, they didn’t like the view, they couldn’t see the sky without walking to the windows, they didn’t like the bathroom because the toilet isn’t in a separate little room, they said the electrical system was old fashioned, that electric heating was too expensive, that we weren’t near enough to Nation. One man called and asked Maurice if our apartment was ugly which really ticked Maurice off. Poor Maurice-he had to deal with just about everyone, especially on the phone. He got really tired of what he called tourists, people just sort of curious, not really serious in buying a place.

We had one man who loved our place and who said he was coming back to measure to see if his furniture would fit but he called the next day and said he was afraid the stairs would be bad for his weak knee. A divorced woman loved the apartment but when she brought her daughters to see if they liked it and they talked her out of it. One lady was interested but her friend who never saw the apartment said it would be too dark-even though since we knocked out those walls there are three windows and the light streams in. Another friend of a looker walked around with her arms crossed-always a negative sign-and had a look on her face that said: “What a dump”. Really, we were just about to give up and we had a less than a week before we returned to Provence for Easter with my son and his family. We love our apartment and we were saying it wouldn’t be a hardship if we stayed in it. Finally, a single man came and loved it and made an offer. Guess what day the offer was made?—My birthday! Isn’t that incredible? A wink from the universe or something. The man had seven days to back out of his offer but didn’t so it looks like everything is going to go through and that we will be moving either in June or the beginning of July. Our new apartment will be just steps away from Nation, the source of many metro and bus lines, it’s in a nicer building with a guardianne, on a lovely wide boulevard and, best of all, there is an elevator! I’m excited although I know the move is going to be a lot of work. I have a lot of things to go through and get rid of, especially clothing and books. So a big change is coming. I’m excited about it.

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  1. Bravo! You never know how things are going to work out, do you? And I can picture where you’ll be going now that I’ve had my recent stay in Paris.

  2. How wonderful Linda! I’m glad it worked out, selling your house can be so dispiriting. I hope something exciting like that happens to me on my birthday tomorrow 🙂

  3. That’s terrific Linda! What exciting news. I knew that something was cooking, just waiting to hear for sure. So happy for you and Maurice!

  4. Hooray! Having toted luggage and groceries up those self-same stairs, I know how ecstatic you’ll be to have an elevator. The new apartment sounds pefect. Congrats to you both and kudos to Maurice for putting up with all of the rude “shoppers.”

  5. How exciting! You know, things always work out the way they’re meant to work out, not necessarily the way we think and expect them to – which is very difficult at times. I’m already looking forward to your posts about the new place (and maybe a photo or two?).

  6. Wow! Just saw this — well done and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    This sounds like one of those (finally) ‘meant to be’ things. So happy for you and Maurice — good luck with all the moving tasks!

    Cheers and good on ya 🙂

  7. Great news. Will be looking forward to hearing more about the new place. Two bedrooms? Which floor?

  8. Such great news – I know didn’t think life in Paris could get any better but know now it will be much easier for you………. with an elevator, yippee!!!

    Hope all goes well with the completion of the sale and the upcoming move – wish I could be there to help.

    Happy days – hugs Mary

  9. Happy Birthday! and congratulations on the sale of your apartment and on finding a new one that you like! I hate the process of selling. All the tension and the sneering visitors, but I’m so glad it all worked out so well for you.

  10. How wonderful Linda and I loved the story that went with it. Hope the move goes well when the time comes.

    Missed that beautiful poppy pendant.

  11. Loved hearing about the story behind the move. I remember lots of posts and pictures as you remodeled your current apartment through the years.

    Bravo and congratulations. I’m thriled for you and Maurice…and that elevator added to your life.

    Keep up with all the next stories as you move. (You and Lisa,too.)



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