How You Know It’s Spring in France

You know it’s spring in France when you go to the markets.

This particular market is in the village of la Tour d’Aigues known for its Renaissance chateau, now in ruins, seen in the background here.

Heads of lettuce as far as the eye can see.

Stacks of vegetables to replace the displays. Look at those crazy leopard skin shoes to the left. I didn’t know they even made those for men anymore. I don’t think I even got a look at the guy wearing them but I bet he had on a leather jacket and some funky hairdo.

Radishes are so pretty but I don’t really like them. I don’t like that sort of hot, watery flavor. The French make a little cross cut almost all the way through from the tip, stuff them with butter and then dip them in salt-still doesn’t do it for me.

And of course there are the strawberries. We always wait for the ones from France. They might not be as large as those that show up earlier from Spain but they sure do taste better-so sweet and juicy.

8 thoughts to “How You Know It’s Spring in France”

  1. Those strawberries make me want to head north! It’s such a long time to wait until strawberry season comes around again……

  2. A radish stuffed with butter!!! Now I’ve heard everything – and still the French, for the most part, remain svelte! Oh to be so fortunate.

    Linda – the markets, well you know my feelings about them. Lourmarin remains with my best memories of that last trip over.

    I’ll not be able to comment while in Africa – so will catch up with you when I return. (Leave 5/12 back 5/29). I’m leaving a few pre-scheduled posts.

    Mary X

  3. Lovely market !!!

    Oh , I have been busy but….. happy belated birthday and congrats on selling the apartment and congrats for the new one too! 🙂

  4. Linda,
    Those strawberries look amazing and make my mouth water. Last year at this time I was planning my 8 hours in Villefranche..sure wish I was going again this year…c’est domage!

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