Couches in Enexpected Places

Sometime ago, I think in March, I took some photos of some furniture I saw in a metro stop. It was placed there by IKEA as some sort of advertisement which I found unique and funny. The couches sure look more comfortable than the seats usually found, those hard plastic ones.

I don’t know what kept people from walking away with a lamp or, with some help, a couch. I wondered too if they tried to sell the couches at a discount afterwards. Always something interesting to see in a city.

11 thoughts to “Couches in Enexpected Places”

  1. I’m not sure if it was like that everywhere, but the stations I saw with them all had a security guy standing on the quay surveying everything!

  2. Paris has the most interesting metro stations — even before the sofas arrived. It’s so nice how they try to make every space in the city beautiful in some way.

  3. I’m still trying to decide if we need to buy a second sofa-bed from Ikea or similar, for the other half of our very large salon. But I wouldn’t buy one of those metro left-overs. Don’t even like to think about the drunks who probably slept/barfed/peed all over them! But they do look kind of cool in the metro like that.

  4. In most places that furniture would last about two seconds before being stolen or destroyed. Which is a shame, because sofas are much more comfy than hard benches.

  5. I guess ONLY in Paris. In LA or NYC they would never last more than a few minutes before someone would walk away with them. Interesting about selling them marked down. They could never mark them down enough for me…lol.

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