Well, I am trying to carry on with my life sans the Internet. It just seems so strange to not be able to sit down every morning and do my usual routine of reading the news online and then my favorite blogs. I can look at a few of them but am unable to leave comments for some reason. We are on our way to Paris this Tuesday where I will hopefully still have an Internet connection and surely by the time we return in a few weeks everything will be up and running.
Before I went to India I had made and saved a few short posts using some of my favorite photos from years past. This is one of them.

This statue is in front of the Hotel de Ville. Someone had placed a neckclace on her made of an old tire. I sort of liked it.

7 thoughts to “Jewelry”

  1. Life is very different without the Internet isn’t it? I love that statue, with or without the tire necklace.

  2. If there’s a chance we can get together next week when you’re in Paris, give me a call. I leave for 2 weeks in NJ from May 25-June 7. My birthday’s next week so we can go to lunch and have a drink to celebrate my last year in my 40’s! LOL

  3. I do love it too and …….. I am looking forward to the Tour de France which should be starting in July!
    I can watch it “live” on our TV here in Australia — I love to see all of France and her pretty countryside and charming villages and then theres the ride into Paris!
    Yep, I am up late watching it waaaay past midnight in bed .
    I am always “sleepy” in July…. I wonder why Linda?? LOL
    Oooo, have fun in my most fav city in the world – PARIS 🙂

  4. haha, I was trying to figure out just what that was. I thought it was a rather large magnifying glass??? Too funny.

  5. I would be bereft without the internet I am sure. Hope your difficulties get sorted soon.

    Sofas on the underground, that is a sight.

    The stilt men are so colourful as are the Wysteria and so sorry to see the tree mess at your house in Provence. So glad that everyone is safe though. Enjoy Paris.

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