Red-y For Spring

One of the joys of spring in Provence is the arrival of the bright red poppies that grow wild everywhere. I have a few in my yard and was especially taken with the way the light came through the petals.

(Our online problem was finally solved. I’m sure the guy who could fix it was on vacation. May is filled with all sorts of holidays in France. We are on our way to Paris for a few weeks to get the apartment moving underway. I’m hoping my pots of flowers in my yard in Provence will survive. I’ve put those watering devices attached to plastic bottles in each pot-the water is slowly released by osmosis. Maurice is turning off all of the water while we gone so I can’t use an automatic watering system. That’s the problem with having a house-worrying about things left behind. We’ve had a strange leak as well and wonder what will await us when we open our front door once more.)

6 thoughts to “Red-y For Spring”

  1. Love the poppy. I always mean to grow poppies every year but never get around to it. Each spring seems to be more busy than the rest. Wish I was there to help you pack up your apartment. Actually, wish I was there for the cafe breaks between packing.

  2. Oh, yay, the poppies are back! I was so loving the poppies when I visited you for my birthday three years ago (was it REALLY that long? WOW!) Great photos!

    If you’re free tomorrow or Friday at some point to meet for a coffee and a chat, let me know.

  3. Same question as Anne — is this just the summer move or are you giving up the Paris apartment?? Also, poppies are my favourite flower, I think. There’s something very unique about them.

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