Behind Sacre Coeur

Most people only see the front of Sacre Coeur but it is also very interesting from behind. I wandered around Montmatre with Lisa who lives in this area. We had a gorgeous day with blue skies and sunshine and even got a little hot.

Lovely white wysteria in a garden behind the basillica.

Sacre Coeur always looks so great against a blue sky.

Saint Georges slaying a dragon.

Artists wander around offering to do your portrait. This pretty girl took one of them up on it.

8 thoughts to “Behind Sacre Coeur”

  1. Love your photos, always. Missed not spending time in Paris this trip….but, just might make a long weekend trip to Paris alone, soon. That would be fun!!! Wisteria always looks so perfect and dramatic.

  2. So THAT”S what that droopy, flowering tree is called! PG and I spotted it in yellow on our walk through a park near his apartment, and although we both admired it, we had no idea what it was. Now I know: wisteria. Merci, Linda!

  3. The wisteria is stunning!

    Interesting to see St. George…the wings and the armor…somehow they don’t seem to go together.

  4. Bonjour,

    Steve and I climbed the hill up to the back of Sacre Coeur on one of our visits. I really loved the little park. People were pickniquing and children were running around in total bliss. Are the lilacs in bloom yet?

  5. Hi Linda… I hadn’t been to London for a while, at least not that area.. we had lots of fun. Look at Leesa’s blog.. different areas on there.

    I am not sure we went directly behind the Sacre Coeur , but I know that we walked around little streets. But now I know, can go again.

    My friend and I have also climbed to the very top of the Dome… I don’t think many people have done this.

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