You Never Know

You never know what you will see up on Montmartre. There are always interesting people milling around and events going on.

This lady has been performing with her accordian there for years. I think she started when she was a little girl. As you can see, she has added not only a costume but some decorative background things as well. She has CDs that you can buy too.

There was a Perigord festival going on. I knew that area of France was known for it’s geese and foie gros but the walnut thing surprised me. These men must be part of a walnut society. I liked the little walnuts on their heads and shoulders.

There is a little cemetery next to the little St Pierre church that is only opened on November First. If you press you nose against the gate and look to the right you can see a small moulin (windmill) on top of one of the tombs there.

Inside St Pierre is this statue of Saint Vincent made of wood. He is the patron saint of those who plant vines and make wine. Montmartre was once covered in vineyards-windmills too.

6 thoughts to “You Never Know”

  1. The accordion woman looks like she’s from another time. The guys with the hanging walnuts though, those look a little obscene.

  2. Perigord is also famous for walnuts – we had the most wonderful walnut wine there once – from (dim) memory I think it was called “Vin de Noix” or something like that – delicious!

  3. There is still a little vineyard there as you know!
    I wonder what the wine is like.

    I too love those walnuts on their berets!

  4. The men in the walnut society look more like pumpkins, don’t you think? They need wrinkly outfits 🙂

  5. I like the costume on the woman, and the men look cute with the nuts on them! Fortunately it’s not like the wooly worm festival in North Carolina where they walk around with the real wooly worms!!

  6. As you say, Montmartre is always fascinating. On the subject of the walnut thing, they make a kind of walnut liqueur where we are in the Loire valley. Part wine, part eau de vie, part macerated green walnuts (picked in July before they ripen).

    I’m trying to get a local to part with the recipe!

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