More Montmartre

I have a friend, and now another friend, who lives up in Montmartre so I am often there and I often do photo tours up there when people request it. I have to work on finding something different to photograph sometimes, but just taking a different route can lead to something new to see.

A new grafitti there of Michael Jackson.

A cobble stoned street shining in the sun-one you have to trudge up to get to the top of Montmartre if you come up the back side.

A photographic water tower.

A view of Sacre Coeur with green trees in front of it-I like the color contrasts.

5 thoughts to “More Montmartre”

  1. You always find different viewpoints to photograph. The cobblestoned street shining in the sun is a great example. Makes me feel like I’m there.

  2. Your photos are always fantastic — and love the point about taking a different route!

    The shining cobblestones are beautiful.

  3. A photo tour of Montmartre would be awesome. We went up by taxi and spent a couple of hours wandering around. Had lunch and checked out all the artists and of course the church. Interesting shot of the cobblestones. Beautiful photos, Linda.

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