Pampered in Paris

Isn’t that a great title? It’s a new book (The Little Bookroom) that is out by Kim Horton Levesque. In it she “profiles more than fifty of the city’s best spas, salons and boutiques”. The book lists treatments to fit every taste and budget, not only French but Thai, Chinese and Indian therapies. It’s a great guide if you have no idea where to start but want to sample the best that Paris has to offer.

5 thoughts to “Pampered in Paris”

  1. Hi Linda .. I love the little books they have about Paris .. just ordered a book about walks in Paris and it has cards with each walk on !

  2. Interesting title, and it’s a great idea. The Little Bookroom series is very nice–lots of good titles and high production values.

  3. Hi Linda,
    This is my first time visiting your site…enchantee! That book sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing. Bonne Journee!

  4. I totally need this book. I waited until I went back to New Jersey to get a pedicure because I wasn’t sure what salon I could trust in this part of town, or ANY part of town for that matter. Thanks for posting this!

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