Visit to a Small Cemetery

Almost any time I’m up in Montmartre, I make a quick visit to the small St Vincent’s Cemetery. It’s petite, quiet and full of ambiance.

Don’t let your dog run around there.

You see lots of weeping goddesses in French cemeteries.

I’ve probably taken a photo of this before but I like seeing it through the broken glass.

A gentleman is buried here.

4 thoughts to “Visit to a Small Cemetery”

  1. I love walking around cemeteries but only in Paris as they have character.. In the UK the rules are so strict ,, and I mean really strict.. (makes me angry) ..

  2. I don’t comment often Linda, but I read your blog faithfully.
    We just returned from the Midi-Pyrenees where it rained (or threatened to) nearly everyday.
    After finding some *American Women living in France* blogs I was inspired to write about my experiences. So in a way you are reponsible!?

    So… thanks, Linda

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