Dogs,Cats and a Bird

I love dogs. I think I would have one if I didn’t live on the fourth floor of a building with no elevator or have to walk it at least twice a day. I guess I’m just getting too old and cranky. They almost always make me smile though. Parisians sure do love their dogs.

Someone loved this dog enough to put it on the tomb.

I’ve seen dogs do this but never a cat. He or she just sat on the sidewalk in front of a store probably looking at the owner. Everyone just had to step around him. I was hoping no one would step on his tail.

These three dogs were tied up in front of a post office. I wondered if they all belonged to one person. Surely three dog owners wouldn’t be in the post office at the same time and I’m not sure if three dogs would sit together in a friendly way if they didn’t live together.

This man was carrying his African Gray Parrot around in a small little container with the door open. When we expressed interest he brought the parrot out to show us and let the parrot give my friend a “kiss” which looks like it is biting but was actually a little squeeze. The man said the parrot could talk but I never heard a word.

8 thoughts to “Dogs,Cats and a Bird”

  1. I think I’ve found the answer to your problem of being up four stories with a dog. On television recently I’ve seen advertised a small square green “turf” that the dog can pee on inside. I know, it sounds disgusting. Could you just have a summer dog for when you’re in Provence? We have two cats that provide endless entertainment, but also wake me up frequently.

  2. Linda, I adore the picture of the three dogs attached! thanks….for giving me back a piece of Paris.
    African greys can learn to speak ..and sing (smile). I go to the same animal store for years, to buy food for my dog and each time, I sing some notes of the “Marseillaise” to the African grey sitting in his cage at the entrance: each time the bird sees me, he sings it, more and more.
    PS: comment of the shop owner, a very nice old chap: How am I supposed to sell a bird singing “la Marseillaise”????

  3. I adore dogs too and that is what I love about the French! Their dogs go Everywhere with them – and why not!
    I have two dogs – Kenzo a malt x shih tzu and little Moi Moi and pekingese.
    I really loved seeing dogs in restaurants – it did not worry me one bit.
    My two are always in my kitchen! šŸ™‚

  4. I love the sculpture of the dog in the first picture. Very cool!

    I’ve heard that Parisiens are fond of their dogs, but don’t pick up after them, which is really gross. Is that true?

  5. Pauline….I can assure you that in Fort Lauderdale, dog owners don’t pick up after their dogs (in they think nobody is watching!)

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