A few more photos of the brocante I visited near Pere Lachase.

Lots of silverware to be seen.

There was an interesting booth selling beautiful items from Japan and China. This was a set of instruments used by a surgeon. How’d you like to see that spread out if you were a patient? It was centuries old.

A lovely set of cups and saucers made by a French company whose name I can’t remember at the moment. My friend said I should go to the company where they make them not to far from Paris and buy seconds for a smaller price.

Aren’t these cute? It’s hard to find a full set but I decided against it. I did buy some cute glasses for serving after dinner drinks. They didn’t cost much so if I break one I won’t be sick.

7 thoughts to “Brocante”

  1. I think the company you are thinking of is Limoges. I have 3 pieces by them and the blue colour is striking with the gilding.

    The surgeon’s set is chilling. Yuck!!!!

  2. Seems to me there is a Sevres(sp.?)factory just outside of Paris. Those surgical tools certainly would make one pause and perhaps reconsider!

  3. I like the silverware – it’s nice and big. Ever notice how silverware (and flatware) has been shrinking over the decades? This stuff used to be huge and weighty. Now it’s all tiny and thin. I want to eat my soup with those giant tablespoons, dammit, not the wimpy soup spoons they sell you these days!

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