A Week in Kent 2

After a slow morning Mary and I headed to Dover Castle only to find that the Tunnel Tour wasn’t for two hours. There are four miles of tunnels under the castle used during WWII and we heard the tour of them was very interesting. We headed down to the city to kill time to see a display of Rolls Royces-Mr. Rolls once lived in Dover I believe. There were probably over 50 beautiful cars on view.

The famous hood ornament. The cars were on display there to celebrate the 100th anniversary of when an airplane with a Rolls Royce engine flew from Dover to Calais, France and back.

The interior of a custom made limousine made for a lady whose favorite color was lavender.

A portion of Dover Castle.

Walmer Castle was our next visit. It had a great interior but the gardens were my favorite and I loved how they trimmed and shaped this hedge.

Chairs on a lawn there for resting or a picnic.

It rained while we were there as you can see by the drops on this Calla Lilly.

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