A Week in Kent 4

The lady who was the bell ringer in the little church we visited told us that an village called Dungeness was an interesting place to visit. It’s located at the end of Kent at the ocean. It has the unfortunate luck to have an enormous nuclear plant there but if you turn your back to it, there’s just the view of the ocean. She told us to look for the home of a famous English director, now deceased, Derek Jarman. It turned out to be a very photographic house painted black with yellow trim.

There was a whimsical garden where along with plants, debris from the ocean and rocks made interesting decorations.

It was a strange area. Shacks and large boats were standing a long way from the ocean and there were old tracks used to move the boats to the water. There wasn’t sand, as you can see, but what the English called shingle and what I would call deep gravel.

A long wooden pathway out to the ocean. The people seemed to enjoy doing just what you would do in sand. It was a very wide area with deep wide ditches formed by the ocean. If we hadn’t been so early we could have had fish and chips. I never did have any while in England, darn it.

7 thoughts to “A Week in Kent 4”

  1. Looks very interesting,, very barren , but must of been busy at one point. great photos, too, love the last one.. can imagine walking the path 🙂

    What is the fascination with Fish and Chips .. Leesa wanted this too… shajme that you didn’t have them in a seaside resort, normally good there..

  2. That is very bizarre. Seeing those photos, I would never guess Kent. The first one looks likee the desert. A black house! Then the shacks and boats and gravel seem like a movie director’s strange idea of symbolism. Cool that you found it.

  3. I’ve caught up on the last 6+ posts or so, and it looks like you have been having a lovely time. I like all of the serendipitous things that happened to you in Kent, and your photos, even as far back as the brocante posts (it has been a while since I was here 🙂 ), are fantastic. The cottage at the top of this post looks like it belongs in a Rosamunde Pilcher novel. 😀 What a pretty place…

  4. Love the house. Lovely photos. What a nice vacation-and at a time I know you need it.


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