A Week in Kent 5

One day we were in the area called Romney March and came to a home called Smallhythe, the former home of a very famous English actress named Ellen Terry-I had never heard of her. She was world famous in her time, the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. She did some tours in America and her third husband, younger than her, was an American.

Here she is.

A huge fireplace was in the first room when entering.

Items on her dressing table.

Her bed-liked the bedspread.

The wind pulled the curtain out of her bedroom window.

After her death her daughter, Edy, established an annumal play in the barn on the property. She was part of a lesbian menage a trois with two ladies who lived in a house also there.
The grounds were simple but lovely.

The roses were in bloom.
The stairs going to the second level were as steep as a ladder, and there was no indoor toilet when she lived there. The hall and rooms went up and down in a dizzying fashion and one room was so uneven that it felt dangerous. Off to one side of the house was a huge green field that was once a salt river and marsh and there was a huge boat building enterprise but the rive silted up and the house is now well inland. It was a pleasant stop and we enjoyed our time there having lunch in the sun.

5 thoughts to “A Week in Kent 5”

  1. I love all the combs and items on the dressing table. I agree, you have agreat eye for capturing interesting shots. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Ellen Terry…I remember reading of her many yeas ago, but I’ve never seen her photo before. Somehow I imagined her home would be a bit grander. I like her lace scarf…and your photo with the roses is wonderful too.

  3. Wow. I guess I haven’t been around for a while because I missed your entire trip to Kent so far. But now I’m caught up. You sure do get around. And you find the most amazing things to thrill us with!

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