A Week in Kent 6

The top place on my list to see in Kent were the famous gardens of Sissinghurst Castle. They were created by English author Vita Sackville-West and her husband on the grounds of an old castle (once used as a prison for French military prisoners). The gardens were indeed beautiful although the famous white garden that I heard so much about didn’t live up to my expectations-maybe because only a few things were blooming there at the time. There are ten separate walled gardens and most everything was blooming. It was lovely to walk through the grounds and there was a fantastic view from the tower where Vita once had her office which looked like a cosy and great place to write. Vita and her husband are known for what would now be called an open marriage. He had male lovers, she female, but they truly loved each other and stayed together to the end. One of their sons wrote about it and published their letters to each other. The grandson now lives on the grounds and also wrote a book on how he made Sissinghurst back into a farm. I have the book but haven’t read it yet.

These are called Oast Houses and are used to dry hops, an ingredient for beer. They are the first thing you see as you enter the grounds of Sissinghurst and similar ones are seen all over Kent.

The tower where Vita had her office.

The opening into one of the gardens.

White roses in the white garden growing up a brick wall.

I took so many photos of the flowers there. There were some roses there that looked like they were covered in aphids but it turned out to be how they looked.

Vita’s office.

A look at a portion of the gardens from the top of the tower.

8 thoughts to “A Week in Kent 6”

  1. I’m sure I could be a successful writer if I had an office in a tower that overlooked such beautiful gardens. Or maybe she became a great author first and then created the gardens and tower. I’d better get to work.

  2. The gardens and views are amazing. Lovely place. I could spend a lot of time there.

  3. Enjoyed seeing your photos of Sissinghurst. I recently finished a book written by Vita that chronicled her voyage by horseback into the rugged mountains of Persia in the early 1920’s. She was quite the adventuress in every part of her life.

  4. Thank you for sharing a bit of Sissinghurst…I’ve always heard about it and the famous gardens. Wouldn’t it be great to have one’s office in that tower? I think so anyway.

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