A Week in Kent 7

One of the favorite places I visited was the city of Rye (I believe it’s in East Sussex not Kent). It was once on the ocean but over time with silting, the ocean receding and a very bad storm which changed the coast line a lot, along with a river changing course, Rye is now two miles inland. It has winding cobblestone streets, buildings with sagging roofs and is loaded with that medieval feeling.

St. Mayr’s Church was really interesting. For some reason the clock has an extremely long pendulum which hangs down into the church from high overhead outside.

A really long climb up rickity stairs and ladders will lead you up into the bell tower.

There are eight bells up there. In 1377 the French made a raid of Rye and pretty much destroyed the town and stole the churh’s bells. The next year, the English returned the favor and got their bells back. These aren’t the original bells however. It was incredible being up there. I’m just glad they didn’t start ringing.

There is an incredible view of the city below from the top.

One of the statues on either side of the tower clock. They are called the “Quarter Boys” because they strike the bells on the quarter hour.

8 thoughts to “A Week in Kent 7”

  1. Hi Linda

    Your are certainly seeing lots of interesting places on your trip to the UK. Also showing me places that I have never visited, some never heard of.

    We don’t travel around looking at places in England ..not sure , but I don’t think I have been to Sussex either. So thanks for the tour 🙂

  2. What a great view from up in the bell tower. How do you get access to all these places? Must be your winning ways. For some reason, the idea of a place no longer being a seaside town is hard to grasp. I’m trying to imagine Miami Beach two miles away from the ocean.

  3. The only thing I like about flying is looking at the rooftop views of foreign cities on landing. There’s something very magical about rooftops that aren’t North American. Nice capture on the rooftops!

  4. It would be so amazing to be up in that bell tower, and see those beams supporting the roof and know they were hand hewn ages ago and have been there ever since. I love the view down below at the town…

  5. My hubby would have loved being up there in the bell tower. The view of the houses almost reminded me of Mary Poppins!

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