A Week in Kent 8

Some more photos taken in Rye. Such a neat place full of that English feel.

Isn’t this just a great street?

A walk down Mermaid Street is a must.

Followed by a stop in the Mermaid Inn renovated in 1420.

Loved the light in the old fashioned lounge.

Champagne on ice waiting for a willing client. There was a very nice, very talkative guy manning the bar. He was wild about American baseball and had been in Boston where he saw four games.

5 thoughts to “A Week in Kent 8”

  1. I have some very similar photos of Rye, though nothing like the one with the champagne! I only know five people who have ever visited Rye, and fewer still who have heard of it (and three of those people are me, DD, and now you), but I think it should be very high on every tourist’s list if they are looking for the quintessential medieval English village. Thanks for posting these photos, Linda!

  2. It’s so lovely to see your UK holiday…I live not far from where you visited and Rye is one of my favourite towns…Martin and I love going there for a morning and pottering around the little shops – there are some great ‘junk’ shops – and Ypres Castle Inn is one of the loveliest pubs in the area – fabulous food and wonderful atmosphere.

    Rye is supposed to have some proper ghosts – old smugglers that roll their illicit barrels of rum down the cobbled streets n the middle of the night! 🙂 My MIL swears she heard it when she stayed there some years ago. Spooky.

    I have enjoyed all your pictures of your Kent week, not least because these places are my regular stamping grounds and it’s nice to see it from a tourists point of view.

  3. Lovely pictures as always. I think I could curl up in the lounge for quite a bit of time. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

  4. My daughter grabbed the computer from me to look at your pictures of Kent. She wants to live there now. You have shown some fascinating sights.

  5. Love that photo of the houses with the cobblestone! Plus the one of the mermaid sign as I go bonkers taking photos of those type signs such as when we were in Germany. I think all of that is so interesting, and wish they would do it more over here. Too many glaring lights!!

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