A Week in Kent 11

I was talking to a friend who really knows England well and asked her what her favorite places were in Kent. The first thing she said was, “Chartwell, the home of Winston Churchill” so that was on my list of places to visit while there.

Churchill who became very famous during the WWII time in England was always seen with a cigar. One of my favorite photos of him is one of a Frenchman lighting Churchill’s cigar with a huge grin on his face. As Mary, my friend, and I turned into a tree lined lane leading into the grounds of Chartwell we had the windows of the car rolled down and, honest to God, we could smell cigar smoke. We both realized it at the same time. Was Winston greeting us, two Americans like his mother?

The grounds were just lovely. I think I’ve seen a photo of Churchill painting in this chair. He loved to paint and he was very good at it. I loved seeing his studio. We weren’t allowed to take photos inside though.

The outside of the house. It had a very cozy and comfortable feeling.

A very persistant duck on the grounds there. He was so pushy that he would stick his head in your purse or lap, if you were sitting down, looking for food. You had to push him away to keep him from searching your clothing and body for food.

4 thoughts to “A Week in Kent 11”

  1. Oh we love Chartwell too. My Mom is coming to stay with us in August and we are going to take her there.

    Martin’s hero is Churchill – when we went to London for the day a few weeks ago we visited Churchill’s War Rooms – an interesting experience and worth a visit if you’re ever in London.

    Some of Martin’s Dad’s ashes are scattered at Chartwell – a huge bunch of his family met up there for a picnic and to leave a bit of M’s dad there (actually M also scattered some of his dog’s ashes there too) – that’s how much he loves Chartwell.

  2. I have a dear friend who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma who got to visit Chartwell a few years back. I remember her telling me all about it and how much she loved it. I’ve passed this link on to her as I think she will love to see it, and I am glad to see more of what is one of her favorite places in the world. This has been a great series, Linda! Thanks for sharing all about Kent.

  3. You did get to see so many places! Perhaps one day we will be able to go and visit these charming towns. Too bad you could not take photos of the inside, they do that too at the Biltmore House in Asheville, N.C.. I think if people could take photos and show them more would want to come! Thanks for showing all of these lovely photos, and I hope that you had a wonderful time!

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