A Week in Kent 12

In a tiny village in Kent called Tudeley, in a very small church, you can find an unexpected treasure. My friend, Mary, said that she had a surprise for me. We pulled in front of the church and she opened the door and as soon as I stepped in and saw the stained glass windows I said, “Chagall!” What a surprise! The windows were done by Chagall when a mother, grieving upon the drowning death of her daughter, somehow talked him into one of his last creations. Old Victorian windows had to be preserved and moved and structural changes had to be made, but the mother got her wish and I had a delightful time looking at those windows.
Isn’t it funny how you see something more than once, in my case, the ceiling of the Garnier Opera, done by Chagall? I even posted some photos here of that ceiling. I was in St Paul in Provence and saw his grave after seeing these windows. I wonder what’s next?

Some of them were yellow. I love his yellow windows. Maybe I just like yellow.

I like blue windows too. Blue is the color of love according to Chagall.

The woman who died. All of the images of her in these windows made her look at peace.

An angel. Chagall was always doing angels.

The mother with her two children.

His signature.

6 thoughts to “A Week in Kent 12”

  1. These are absolutely gorgeous. Just now catching up on all your photos from Kent. What a lovely trip -so much to see. And you capture it all splendidly. Thanks, Linda.

  2. These windows by Chagall are lovely. His use of color is so very satisfying…I have seen the 12 windows he created(one for each tribe of Israel) that are on display at a Jerusalem hospital. Stunning.

  3. I’m catching up on your trip to Kent – I love how you’ve captured the windows by Chagall. I hope you’ve seen the Fraumuenster in Zurich; the work Chagall did there is really breath-taking. I feel blessed to live here and can pop in whenever I want 🙂

    Thanks for blogging! Good luck in your new home.

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