A Week in Kent 13

On my last day in Kent we made a stop at Leed’s Castle. It has a long history and was last owned by Lady Baillile. It’s been used in several films as well as in old Magnum, PI episode which I plan to try and find on YouTube or somewhere similar. It is situated on enormous grounds and it was a long walk from where we parked to the entrance of the castle. Along with the castle is an aviary for various birds, a set up for weddings-we saw photos being taken there-and a dog collar museum which didn’t do much for me. This wasn’t my favorite castle that I saw and it was very expensive to get in but it’s another thing that I’ve checked off my list of things I want to see.

This photo just shows a very small portion of the castle.

A very friendly peacock greeted us as we walked to the castle, proudly spreading his tale. I think he was hoping for food.

There were black swans there too which have become the symbol for Leed’s Castle.

Can you see the two black swans on the towels in the bathroom? The castle, by the way, had been decorated by a French decorator for Lady Baillile. There was a painting of her and her two daughters looking rather haughty but she is remembered fondly by injured soldiers who stayed in the Castle during WWII.

Look at this old bathtub, probably left from days of yore as they say. They had to use those buckets to fill it.

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  1. The outside photo looks so castle-ish. Grace informed me that she’d like to be married at a castle someday, but I guess I’ll mark that one off my list since you weren’t impressed with it.

  2. I think the tub is awesome! Very sensible to make it small and deep instead of long and shallow like we have now

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