A few views of the exterior area of our new apartment.

The entrance to our new apartment.

This incredible doorway is right down the street. I’ve always loved it.

We enter into this great courtyard now. They always have flowers planted. It’s nice to see plants that aren’t in pots.

And, best of all, our elevator. It is really small but so nice when carrying groceries or suitcases.
You know, we never would have found and bought this apartment if it hadn’t been for the Paris board on AOL before they changed to their current system. I really miss my old boards. Anyway, I used to post on the Paris board especially when I was new to Paris and one day I received an email from a lady who said she thought she lived near me. We met for coffee one cold winter day and I met her husband that day in her apartment. We became great friends. One day I told her that if she ever wanted to sell to let me know. She told me that she didn’t think that would happen as she was sure that her children would want it. Then later she called and said she would sell it and here we are. It’s really hard to find apartments right now. We were so lucky.

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  1. Just caught up with your posts on the Kent trip and enjoyed every photo, as well as the new things I learned from you about the area.

    I’m glad you posted the “farewell” pics of the apartment – I scarcely recognized it after the redo. But I know you’re loving the new place with its elevator and convenient location.

    I, too, miss the old AOL Paris board. It was there that I first learned about an American redhead who married a Frenchman and relocated to Paris…my ultimate fantasy. I never dreamed at that time that we would eventually meet. The internet certainly has enhanced all of our lives.

  2. Looks amazing Linda, how great to have a elevator (lift) even if it is small.. 🙂 the court yard looks brilliant, they are normally looked after very well.

    A lovely story, how sweet of the lady to think of you .. I wonder why one of her children did not want it .. Wish I had been one of the children, then I would have a place to go.. and so great that she thought of you.. Where did the lady go? she knows the apartment will be truly appreciated !

  3. I love being able to picture where you live. Mum and I wonder whether we’ll see you while we’re up late watching le Tour 😉

  4. The outside looks great! Can’t wait to see what the inside looks like. I love to take photos of doors too, always interesting. The elevator may be small, but it will help when you have to lug something up! The carpet on the stairs is real pretty. I’m sure you will enjoy living in your new home!!
    Take Care,

  5. Linda – I think things are “meant to be” and there was a reason you meet this lady and now here you are! Looks wonderful and I do understand how its lovely to see plants in the ground. I am not a fan of “alot of pot plants” can look messy – what a joy to pass by your garden everyday and – you just got to LOVE a lift!!!

    I must say – I like your front door too!

  6. I’ve been absent from blog-land for a bit. What an exciting time you’ve been having! But moving in the heat of summer! Better you than me. All the best Linda! Can’t wait to see your new place.

  7. Bravo Linda! It looks beautiful and so glad you now have a lift. Trying to grab a ticket for October and hope to see you then!

  8. Oh how this brings back memories of being there just a year ago. The sweetly fragrant air, the buzzing of the bees, and the glorious purple haze from the blooms. Provence is such an awesome place on earth!
    Hugs N Herbal Blessings, Mandy
    P.S. How wonderful that you get to live there!

  9. Hi Linda , beautiful entrance and courtyard! please show us the inside, would love to see it! I remember you from the old AOL Paris board, that was from the late 90’s ! I was a lurker and loved reading all the trips report. BTW is your friend is a lady named Chris? I always enjoyed her report whenever she is in Paris, she always start with something like “Bonjour de Paris”…Esther.

  10. Love the outside of your new home. The courtyard is spectacular. Congrats, Linda. More to come after you have time to settle in and add your flair for decorating.

    Enjoy your new place.

  11. What a lovely courtyard to enter into!

    I like those tiny little French elevators…yours looks just like the one my husband and I used at the apartment we rented during our 2001 Paris trip. It made the funniest little eeee-oooh, eee-ooh sound while it was in operation.

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