I know you might be expecting more about our new apartment in Paris but would you believe that we are back in Provence? We had company coming so had to get back and we will spend the rest of the summer here. The apartment is more or less put together but we will still have a lot to do when we return. In the meantime:
We are right in the middle of lavender season here. Our yard is exploding with it-it looks so bare when it comes time to cut it back. We took a friend to Valensole to see the lavender fields, always a treat.

Doesn’t it look great in rows? They are actually separate little round balls when you cut all of the lavender off but they grow all together when in bloom. You can hear thousands of bees buzzing as you stand there looking.

This purse and scarf, so creative, were for sale at a shop in Valensole. I thought they were so pretty. I thought about buying the scarf but there is no way I could wear it in this heat and I’m not usually here in the winter.

This field of lavender was below the village of Banon in a different area from Valensole. The sky turned black behind us and there was lightening and thunder but it never reached us.

Yet another field of lavender. This was on another day but again there was a black sky with distant thunder. The day before we went up into the mountains where it was dark like this and it poured. We saw this field when I was searching for the exit for a nunnery where they sell really good lavender honey. I found it but was disappointed in the looks-it wasn’t rustic or religious looking at all and there wasn’t one nun out in the fields cutting lavender. A nun sold us the honey though. I think they could make a lot more money with some good marketing since the nearby lavender festival in Valensole is so huge but I didn’t tell the nun that. My, that honey was good.

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  1. Lovely photos of the lavendar fields. Although we are back in California now, we have heard it is particulary hot this summer?

  2. Lavender honey sounds delicious. We’ve never been in Provence when the lavender was in bloom. I think that should be one of my goals. I’ll go put it on my list. Enjoy

  3. I am watching the le Tour and they were riding through some lavender field areas a couple of days ago – looked fantastic like your photos do too! Love that scarf too !

    Oh – better go for the bikes should be on TV right now . I will watch it live until I fall asleep at 2 in the morning! love to see the French countryside. Devine.

  4. I just did a post on the lavender I harvested from my garden, and here you are showing these absolutely beautiful fields! My five bushes hang their heads as they are nothing like this!! The bag and scarf, oh my goodness!, wish they sold them here!! I do need to check out how to make lavender honey as we will be harvesting honey this fall. We did not harvest spring honey as the winter was so hard on our honeybees. Now we are having this outrageous heat. At least we have our new a/c unit!! One day I hope to see such fields in person, I guess I’ll mark it on my calender so I know when would be a good time to see them. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that such a thing happens!!
    Have a lovely day!
    Take Care,

  5. Hi Linda, the lavender fields look amazing, we were in Bonnieux for a week the first week of July, drove to Sault hoping to see the lavender fields, didn’t see too many. Should have gone to the Valensole plateau. is this year the lavender are blooming kind of late?…Esther.

  6. If the prices was right-hey, the scarf and bag would be a great find. Love all the lavender…can really smell it here.

    So lucky to have the home in Provence.
    Take care and enjoy.

  7. Love to see and smell fields of Lavender. Enjoy them here too but French Lavender is different, at least I pay more for that oil. My many lavender bushes in the garden are fading now but so wonderful while they last.

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