Aix Market

I think Aix has one of the most lovely markets in Provence. I love all of the displays.

Just about any sort of berry can be found there.

I love the colors of peppers.

Love the flowers too.

This lady bought a huge armfull.

There’s nothing better than cherries from Provence. The season is just about over, darn it. So short and sweet. While I was standing at this stand, the guy poured a bunch more on top of the pile. They were huge and from near the Mount Ventoux region. I can eat so many I sort of make myself sick.

9 thoughts to “Aix Market”

  1. Those berries look so fabulous. Our berries are way too expensive πŸ™ We have good cherries though and I can eat too much of them too.

  2. Colour , colour , colour!!!
    Wonderful photos Linda πŸ™‚

    Makes me a little warmer in my cold winter.

  3. Oh! How Rod and I loved Aix!

    Beautiful photos of nature’s bounty. We’re enjoying local Bing cherries here as well…one whole cup is only 1 point in W.W. Indulge and don’t feel guilty…life is short and so is cherry season.

  4. How do they make it look so perfect? I want to be that lady with the flowers, at least the part that gets to walk through Aix with a huge bunch of flowers wiht the flouncy black dress and cute sandals.

  5. Our Little Guy enjoyed your photos this morning (he’s leaving for St. Tropez today to spend 10 days with his mother and some friends) and he especially liked the tournesols… and the CERISES!

  6. Oooh, I am so homesick. I used to live in Aix and loved it, especially the markets. Sigh.

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