Cafe Charm

There are many charming cafes in Aix-en-Provence. Maurice and I stopped by one on Cours Mirabeau the other day and I found some great abience upstairs when I made the trip to the ladies room.

I had hot chocolate and some bread with butter and comfiture. So simple but so good.

A quiet, deserted dining room upstairs.

A row of tables stacked with chairs.

A view of the downstairs area from a circle up above.

5 thoughts to “Cafe Charm”

  1. Oh, your breakfast made my mouth water and my mind travel back to France. In Jura, also on a trip to the ladies room I found an interesting upstairs dinning room along with a coat-check desk. Made me wonder who used, or, uses these beautiful rooms? Yours looks like it could still be in use, clean and chairs neatly stacked.

  2. Hi Linda, a lovely charming place, just imagine it when its full .. 🙂

    I certainly will see if I get a chance to check out the metro Art adn Metiers stop.

    I am going over on the 23rd of August, just for two days.. been invited down to Cahors. to stay with another blogger Laury, her blog is Soar-Dream-France.. staying with her for a while and then going back up to Paris for two more days then home. I bet we will miss each other again. One day we will meet up, I have alist of people to meet over there now:-)

  3. We, too, were charmed by this cafe a few months ago
    A lovely place to while away the minutes with a meal or cup of coffee….
    We expected to move in to an apt. in Aix today, but the closing, we found out last night, has been delayed yet again. Fortunately we can stay a few more nights in this farmhouse near Cadenet if needed – there are worse places to be stuck while waiting, right?!

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