Les Baux

I haven’t been to les Baux in quite a while but was glad to see it again when we took a friend for a visit. Maurice and I stayed at a hotel down below here on our honeymoon so it has good memories. It is another one of those perched villages found all over Provence with breath taking views from the top. A ruined chateau is at the end of a steep climb through the village, destroyed by Richlieu to make sure it didn’t become powerful. The name Baux comes from bauxite which was once mined here.

A cemetery there. I never pass up a chance to enter one. They are almost always fascinating.

We passed many shops selling tourist items along with many teddy bears looking for homes.

This is what you see when you finally reach the top. It felt rather erie to me, so desolate. I can imagine ghosts here at night. They put on a lot of shows here now with “knights” fighting and a catapult in action.

A look from the highest point. The area if full of white rock cliffs and a lot of the chateau was built right into them.

3 thoughts to “Les Baux”

  1. Those ruins are both eerie and fascinating. It’s incredible to think of all the events that happen in places like that. I think you could be right about the ghosts!

    In total contrast, those teddies look so huggable! 🙂

  2. Dear Linda – I’ve just caught up with all that’s been happening in your busy life! Loved reading of your stay in Kent – the fabulous new apartment of which I can’t wait to see more pics of – the lavender, and Aix market which I agree, is a wonderful one – and of course Les Baux where we also visited on our first Provence visit with Jasmin in 2006. It was hot climbing up but we found an ice cream parlor which helped.

    Great pics making me want to come back of course, however have to admit Quebec City was a close bit of France earlier this month, and now I’m preparing to spend a week in northern Calif. in search of cooler weather by the lake! Unbearably hot here – over 100 for many days straight!

    Stay well – hope Maurice’s back is better.
    Hi from Bob.
    Hugs – Mary

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