This and That in Nice

A few shots taken in Vieux Nice.

A shop than mostly sells different types of salt.

I thought this girl was just wearing a very stylish hat but it turned out that she was handing out advertisements for a Mexican restaurant.

Umbrellas on a private beach in Nice. Notice that the beach is not made of sand but rocks.

It’s hard to beat those Italian colors found in Nice.

Typical shutters found in Nice-and other European cities I hear.

7 thoughts to “This and That in Nice”

  1. Love those jars holding the salt. I want a set of them in my bathroom or in my kitchen. In just a few photos, you managed to capture the air of the city.

  2. I love the colors in the south. I have never been to old Nice, but I’m headed down to Antibes to stay with my friend in about three weeks. I’ll see if I can convince her a journey is in order. It looks so pretty!

  3. Beautiful! That orange wall is just perfect – and those shutters that open up so practical (providing a breeze and shade). But that hat? Where can I get one?? Love your photos Linda. Have a great rest of the week. Hope you are settled in your new home.

  4. Great photos, love the colours. I also love this and that photos, a mixture for all!!

    I have been wanting to go to Nice for ages, but not sure my husband wants to go… He travels all over for work, gets fedup with it.. 🙁 .. maybe I can find another travel partner 🙂

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