A trip to Nice should never be done without trying socca, a type of bread made with chickpea flour and roasted with a wood fire. I’ve never been able to try it before but insisted we try it this time and I really liked it. You have to wait in line if you are in Vieux Nice, the old section, but it’s worth it.

A look at a typical menu in Nice.

This is where we got our socca, and a few other things.

A look at the line, most of them wanting socca.

Here’s my plate of socca. It’s very good-sort of crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. It can be a sort of hors d’ourvre, but it was my main dish with a glass of wine.

6 thoughts to “Socca”

  1. The socca looks interesting – I’ll bet it tastes really good. We liked Nice a lot and would like to return.

  2. I have not seen lines for take-out either, but what really surprises me… are those locals, wearing shorts and T’s?? Or perhaps your area is more casual than others in the summer. I see cropped pants and sandals, but still mostly sun dresses on women.

  3. Now that sounds pretty interesting. Never heard of it before, but I’d be willing to try it! I guess I’ll have to come back tomorrow, Sunday (haha), and read some more. I did not realize how far behind I am in reading your blog which I always enjoy.
    Take Care,

  4. Oh yes, that little shop where everyone is waiting in line for socca is the shop where I waited in line too a few years ago. Unfortunately, I never got my socca as I had to move on but in October I will succeed in my socca mission.

    Love all your photos.

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