When it comes to the Internet, I hate Sundays. Almost no one has written anything new on their blogs, many sites that I like to go to put up links to things I’ve already read about during the week, and not many people make it to my blog. I guess everyone is having a full, fun weekend and have better things to do than post something on their sites. Since Maurice and I are retired, Sunday is just about like any other day except there is nothing good on the TV, all stores are closed and, as I said, the Internet seems pretty much dead. My high point today will be going to a local market and buying fruit which, really, is pretty great and I have nothing to complain about. I guess I use my computer as my link to the world, especially things going on in the States. I read the New York Times on line, and, as I said, blogs connect me with Internet friends. I’m always visiting Amazon and trying to find inexpensive books to upload on my new Kindle. I’m reading a lot more since I don’t have to go to a store to buy new books or wait for a delivery from Amazon and as a result, spending more money. I have found there are books you can download for free. Of course, they aren’t the new mysteries that I want but I’m starting to read classics or reread old favorites.
Anyway, here is a photo I posted on Facebook and Twitter a few weeks ago that I like. It was taken at a friend’s house on a warm summer evening.

I entitled it: How You Know Your Brie Is Ready To Eat. Cheese is so much better if it sits out for a while instead of being eaten right out of the refrigerator. In fact, Maurice tells me that people used to put their brie in a drawer somewhere and didn’t eat it until it “moved” as in it had worms. I guess you just scraped those babies out and then ate it. A little too ripe for me. I like blue cheeses the best.
Okay. So that’s it for me on this Sunday morning. Time to get dressed and head out for that market. Photos from there next week.

10 thoughts to “Sundays”

  1. I know what you mean about blogs and Sundays, since the internet is also my connection to the outside world. I end up going to the blogs I read and clicking on the links they have to other blogs, and so on. It becomes quite the rabbit trail.

  2. same here, Sunday morning, reading the NY Times with Ramona (feline Queen of Everything) asleep next to me and sun pouring in.

  3. Happy Sunday!

    I’m across an ocean from family and friends back in Illinois; Sunday is also quiet (internet-wise) for me too – but I don’t mind when the weather is beautiful, like today.

  4. When I first met my French in-laws-to-be, they served a lovely meal, ending with a selection of cheeses. All was well until Mara saw that her slice was moving. I was very proud of her; she just laid her knife across the worm and said nothing. The family has not realized this and was horified to discover it the next morning. they hoped that we had not noticed, but Gilles told. Since then, “pas des vers” is a family joke.

  5. Sundays. I agree – and with the heat I find fewer and fewer folks are updating their blogs (me included). I love this photo of the brie. On Friday my daughter and I had dinner at a local restaurant – we both ordered the special salad with warm brie in the middle. I have to admit it wasn’t as warm as the one in your photo – but it was delicious!!

  6. I cannot hear Ravels Bolero without thinking of Torvill and Dean at the 1984 skating olympics in Sarajevo!Look it up on magic!

  7. True — Sundays are slow days. Then there are the people like me who take a week to get to a post, lol.

    I love the oozy cheese picture! Oh man, that’s making my mouth water!

    I’d like to find you on FB. We aren’t connected there yet, I don’t think. There is a link to my FB on my sidebar on my blog. What’s your FB link?

  8. It seems like summer has been so busy with little time to blog or blog read, but I do catch up on Sundays if I have a chance or stay up a little later on Saturday evenings. The cheese picture does look yummy, but I think I’ll pass on the little critters!!

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