Sunday Market

Almost every Sunday when we are in Provence we go to the market at St Martin de la Brasque. It’s larger than the one at Ansouis and seems to have a lot more going on.

They have crafts there. This lady was selling Santons that she had made and had dressed herself up like one of them. I thought she had a lovely smile.

Here’s just one of many, a shoe maker.

This was outside someone’s house in the village. Looks like a comfy place to relax once the market is over.

They even have live music. This band was playing American jazz.

The reflection of my friend, Mary, as she looks at some jewelry for sale.

7 thoughts to “Sunday Market”

  1. Thanks for adding your vote for the flea market at Vanves. With my husband running out of steam too quickly last Saturday, I hope to return there on successive Saturdays by myself and take it all in. 🙂 Now I’m on the hunt for embroidery supply stores in Paris.

  2. Thanks for the enjoyable trip to the Sunday market. I especially like the Santon lady with her creations. Yes, she does have a lovely smile!

  3. What is the purpose of those little dolls? Doesn’t Santon mean “little saint”?? Do they have little saints of shoes? ARE they saints or just ornaments now?

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