Cucuron Brocante

They have a brocante every August in Cucuron. It’s a pleasure to go there as it is set up under huge trees around the rectangle basin. There seems to be less offered each year. I don’t know if EBay has hit France or not but I know it has hurt antique dealers in the States. We were looking for a specific piece of furniture but had no luck. There will be another brocante in la Tour d’Aigues in two weeks and we will see what we can find there.

Look-the whole corner of a bathroom for sale. I kind of liked it but don’t know where it could be put.

The color of this caught my eye. I think it must be for drinks.

This is too fancy for my house but I always like them.

Pretty Murano champagne glasses for sale. You can see the basin in the background.

A chandelier hanging from a tree.

I don’t know why I noticed this but the knot on the tree to the very right looks just like the breast of the lady in this painting.

8 thoughts to “Cucuron Brocante”

  1. There are so many great markets and brocantes in the Luberon near you — lucky you! I was thinking about that “bathroom sink corner” for sale… if someone had the right garden, even a small city-garden, it would be cool placed in some corner, walls and all, and you could use the sink as a flower planter. It already has a “drain” in case you over-water!

  2. I’ll bet whoever hung that painting next to that boob tree, did it deliberately?? How could he have missed that, afterall.

  3. Funny the things you notice and photograph.
    You have such an eye. The clown drink thing was freaky. What was the thing that was too fancy for your house? I couldn’t tell. I loved the champagne glasses though

  4. I love the Murano glass, always been a fan.
    I think Ebay has taken some of the socialization away from antiquing. Its nicer to get out and see people and browse around for the day I think.
    Lovely photos as usual!
    I like the photo you took of Maurice dreaming of biking. Very nice shot,it does capture the pensive mood so well.

  5. Hi Linda! Currently, I’m in my third week on the jury for a murder trial. All in all, I’d rather be at a brocante in Cucuron. Love the boob tree!

  6. You are right about the tree! Maybe that’s why they put it there!! Love the little corner sink, now I could use that for my garden house which by the way we are still working on. The chandelier is gorgeous, and I do so love those glasses. I wish I could find such things here.

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