St Paul de Vence

One of the most visited villages in the Cote d’Azur is St Paul de Vence. You can see why when you enter through an ancient gate and climb the cobbled streets.

Just one of the many narrow streets found there.

A very much used fountain. I took a lot of photos of people using it. I don’t think the people bathing in it knew that people were letting there dogs drink out of it too, and I saw someone put a little dog in it to cool off.

One of many shops there.

There are many galleries selling art and this sculpture surprised me out on a terrace.

Another link to Chagall. He is buried in a small cemetery in the village.

4 thoughts to “St Paul de Vence”

  1. How does that sculpture balance there? If I were the artist, I’d be afraid it would tumble. I love the open door of the shop. It looks distressed, the way someone might take a lot of effort to make it look, but I’m sure it’s just the wear from over the years.

  2. Lovely town – never been but would love to!

    If I lived there – I could see myself putting my two little doggies in that fountain for a cool off! LOL

  3. That sculpture looks fascinating!, and the village oh so interesting. I take it that you too have been having a heat wave. Guess we are all in need of a cool down…dogs too!
    Take Care,

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