Moustier Sainte Marie

If you pass Valensole, deep in lavender country, and continue on up into the mountains, you reach a breathtakingly beautiful village called Moustier Sainte Marie. The famous faience pottery is made and sold here and there are many shops selling it. The village is divided into two halves with a narrow rocky canyon in the middle. The view of this mini-gorge, with small waterfalls down inside and medieval houses above, is beautiful. It almost feels like an Alpine village with the high cliffs over head. As we were driving there we entered a very heavy rain which thankfully stopped shortly after we arrived.

Some of the large amount of faience pottery for sale.

A look at the gorge roaring below.

It’s hard to show the scale of the village with the gorge.

A church tower against the clearing sky. This was the last photo I took before my camera battery ran out-a rooky mistake. There is a church high up the hill above the village where we climbed and, suspended between two cliffs, is a gold star put there by a knight when he survived the crusades. It’s really a great place and well worth the drive.

6 thoughts to “Moustier Sainte Marie”

  1. Do you think they got the word gorgeous from that gorge? The picture of the faience at the top — it looks like a holy water basin. Is it?

  2. Sometimes I am amazed at the difficult terrain where people chose to build villages in France, not to mention how hard it was to build stone structures in the days before modern machinery existed!

  3. So many places to see, I’m thankful that you show it with your many photos. If I could ever come over there I would not have enough time to see everything! What a beautiful village, and that waterfall…wow! Unreal! that they could have something like that in the village.
    Take Care,

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