Eating in Saint Paul de Vence

We had a really good meal in St Paul. We had wanted to eat at 4-star restaurant but just couldn’t get in so we just found a place which served meals under some trees. It was a hot day so really nice to sit in the shade.

We had rose wine with a little tapenade on toast. So good.

This was my meal-pork loin with polenta formed into these great shapes. It was so delicious.

My dessert with fresh cherries. You can see Maurice’s in the background.

My friend, Mary’s, dessert.

I finished it all, of course.

Maurice finished his too. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant. I can tell you that it was right next to the fountain that you see when you enter the village. I recommend it. Nice, fresh food.

10 thoughts to “Eating in Saint Paul de Vence”

  1. I just love photos of great meals; this looks wonderful. Sadly, the sun didn’t shine much in Zurich this weekend. It looks beautiful in your corner of the world.

  2. You’re so healthy, having the cherries. I would have fallen face first into Mary’s dessert. Your pork and polenta look scrumptious and the rose wine seemed perfect.

  3. Made the mistake of reading this while stuck at the laundry and haven’t had lunch yet. Salivating.

  4. This is your best post ever! Taking a photo of food and making it look appetizing is not as easy as it looks. I’ve seen a lot of really sad photos of people’s meals on their blogs. But yours are gorgeous. I especially love the the tart and whipped cream photo with the sun and the shadows and the first one with the appetizer-in-progress and the slightly sweating rose.. Really gorgeous.

  5. let me guess….this was a “creme brûlee”? the favorite dessert of my American husband.
    I love the way you show the Provence or Paris…THANKS

  6. All of that looks so good, especially the dessert! However, I would probably have to walk up and down this hill twice a day. I love finding places like that to eat sometimes they are even better than where we originally wanted to eat.

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