Vaison la Romaine

I’ve wanted to visit Vaison la Romaine for a long time but it isn’t near us so we have always put it off. We finally made the trip to get a look at the town and to also see the area, such as Gigondas, home of a famous red wine. The town was packed with cars and pedestrians and it was hard to find a parking place. I kept my eyes open for Patricia Wells, the famous food writer, who I’ve read lives near here but, alas, I never saw her. I did once see her in Paris with a lovely smile on her face.

The town is split in two by a river. There was a devastating flash flood in in 1992 and a lot was wiped out but this Roman bridge remained.

It gets its name from the enormous amount of Roman ruins remaining in the town.

Curved roads, cobbled and steep on one side of the river.

You can always tell when you are in Provence when you see lavender for sale.

9 thoughts to “Vaison la Romaine”

  1. What a charming place Linda. The old bridge and the cobbles roads kind of remind me of Mostar in Bosnia.

    The lavender in my garden is blooming now, to the joy of dozens og bumblebees 🙂

  2. Hi Linda. I bet you landed during our Choralies, a joyous choral festival that happens every three years. This year there were 5000 choristes, as nearly as many as there are Vaisonnais. It’s joyous, yes, but it keeps us locals safe at home.

  3. I love that path through the arches – like the river it is all curvy. And the lavender! I swear I can smell it all the way over here!

  4. How sad that the flood wiped out a lot of it. I was thinking you would say it happened a long time ago. Such wonderful shots of the ruins, and the one of the blue wheel barrow makes me want to paint! Maybe one day.

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