Pont du Gard Once More

I seem to have gone to the Pont du Gard a lot lately showing people how fabulous it is and of course I have some more photos. You can’t visit without taking photos. We went into the museum on our visit this time and it was fascinating, really well done. The film about it was really cheesy though, dubbed in English with a young couple from Italy talking about it.

This gives you some idea of how large it is. It carried water for miles to Nimes.

Lots of water activities go on down below in the river.

This little dog was getting a ride while his owners looked over the Pont. I’ve never had a dog that would do this.

I went to a different area than I usually do and got a reflection of the Pont in the river.

6 thoughts to “Pont du Gard Once More”

  1. Visit the Pont du Gard in the evening. It is gorgeous. As we live in Vers Pont du Gard, we enjoy the evening walk and the dramatic views of the aquaduc. Another amazing first view of the Pont is to take a canoe from Collias. Rounding a corner the Pont comes into view. The Pont never gets “old”. My last post was on an evening at the Pont du Gard.

  2. Ah, the French and their doggies. They’re all so well-behaved from what I saw. (the dogs, not the French…although they seem well-behaved, too) I wonder how they do that?

  3. Oh – love it! Next time take the canoes from Colias – it takes about 2.5-3 hours to meander your way down the river and it is loads of fun. Pack a picnic – lots of places to stop and go swimming and just lounge. Very easy canoeing trip and a great way to spnd the day. The Pont looks fantastic from below too!

  4. My hubby looked over my shoulder just now and said I know what that is! It carries water. So amazing to be able to see all of those things, you bring us a lot of interesting photos!

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