Wine Country

The last time I saw so many vineyards was in Bordeaux. Gigondas is another wine country, loaded with vineyards and shops devoted to selling the local wine. We passed through this part of France on our way to Vaison la Romaine.

We went to this village. Maurice tells me that it is a very well known wine in France. It’s a small area.

These mountains are well known in the area called les Dentelles. I thought it had something to do with teeth as dents means teeth but, in fact, it means lace. I guess the range is full of holes and it supposed to look like lace. I didn’t see it myself.

We ate at a very nice place outside of Gigondas called les Florets. We sat below les Dentelles in the shade of some large trees and had a great lunch.

We had a bottle of this wine made from the vineyards we could see from our table. It’s a light wine, rather like that found in wine from the Loire Valley.

I had the cocktail du maison made of champagne, creme de peche and Baume de Venise, a sweet liquor made in the area. It was very good-potent too.

7 thoughts to “Wine Country”

  1. The setting for the lunch looked magical. Do you ever pinch yourself and say, I can’t believe this is my life? The cocktail sounds scrumptious.

  2. Oh my… your lunch at les Florets is actually bringing tears to my eyes. As Paulita says – do you walk around actually aware you are living a whole bunch of people’s dreams?

  3. Sounds fabulous! There is no way my dog would ever do that either. I put her in a giant LL Bean bag once as a joke and she freaked out.

  4. What a great series of photos – each more delightful than the last and I thought that would be impossible! Love the drink in the last one.

  5. You always find some of the most wonderful places to eat. I believe that would be a dream of mine if I ever hit the lotto would be to have a little place like that over here. That drink looks quite yummy, and I could probably use it right now too!

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